Air India’s ‘Fly For Sure’ scheme set to take off

The national carrier will launch a Fly For Sure scheme under which passengers can pay ₹2,000 and board any other Air India flight on the same sector on the same day on missing their booked flight.

“If you are uncertain about your plans, pay extra ₹2,000 while booking the ticket and get to board any Air India flight on the same day and same sector,” as per the scheme, to be launched tentatively on January 11.

Air India Chairman and MD Ashwani Lohani said the scheme would help passengers to ensure they reach their destination the same day. “This way we will not lose passengers to our competing airlines. Passengers will no longer worry about buying expensive last-minute tickets,” he told The Hindu. The voucher will be non-refundable and can be availed on all domestic routes offered by AI. Low-cost airline SpiceJet had launched a similar scheme last year.Read More…

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