Air-miss over language glitch, airlines warned over use of foreign pilots

Indian carriers have been issued instructions not to roster foreign pilots to defence airfields till they are “thoroughly briefed about the approach procedures of Indian defence airfields”.

This comes after an investigation into the near-miss incident between a GoAir and a SpiceJet aircraft in Goa on October 22 found that the foreign crew of the GoAir flight failed to correctly understand instructions given by Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs).

GoAir and other airlines have now been directed not to operate wet-lease aircraft (where crew is leased with the aircraft) to defence airfields till all foreign crew have been specifically briefed about operating procedures, an official involved in the exercise said. In the wake of the Goa incident, an audit of the wet-lease operation by GoAir had also been ordered by the office of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Read More…

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