AirAsia to go completely cashless, digitisation is the new norm, says CEO Tony Fernandes

Tony Fernandes, CEO of the AirAsia on Monday presented his plans to make the in-flight purchases on AirAsia completely cashless. Speaking to the Hindu, he said that cash was old fashioned. Fernandes further said that going cashless had become the new normal. According to reports, United States airlines began this cashless journey back in 2009 and the even Indian airlines do offer their customers with the choice of card payments. Fernandes said that he would like that all their in-flight sales were electronic and the customers could use their cell phones to pay for food and WiFi, among other things.

He informed that this was one of the first steps to completely digitise the airlines and AirAsia hoped to launch the service in April-May. Fernandes said that the entire crew of every flight would have a mobile phone and when the customer set foot on an Air Asia plane, they would be known to the crew. Nikunj Shanti, Chief Data Officer, Group Digital, AirAsia, told BusinessLine that making cash transactions in different currencies on international flights could be a major pain for the passengers and AirAsia was trying to make the process faster and much easier. Read More…

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