‘Can’t Criticise Army Sitting In AC Rooms’: Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi On Kashmir Video



Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, the government’s chief legal advisor, has asked why there is “so much noise” over armymen tying a man in Kashmir to the front of a military jeep as a “human shield” against protesters throwing stones at the vehicle.

“The recent report about a stone pelter tied to an Army vehicle, it helped contain stone pelters and saved the poll officials. Why so much noise,” Mr Rohatgi said to NDTV today, adding, “Everyday people are dying. It’s a surcharged atmosphere. The Army is dealing with terrorists not with protestors, so they will have to be dealt with…everyone should look at the Army with pride, they are doing a great job.”

Stressing that the army’s is doing a great job under hostile conditions, the Attorney General said, “Sitting in AC rooms you can’t criticise army. Please put yourself in army position.” Read More…


Credit By : NDTV

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