Def panel recommends raising of retirement age of jawans

In a move that is likely to result in saving of thousands of crores rupees apart from addressing the issues related to manpower in the Army, a Defence Ministry committee has recommended that the retirement age of the jawans be increased by two years.

The committee headed by  Lt Gen Shekatkar submitted its report last month to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. The mandate of the committee was come out with a set of measure to reduce the useless expenditure so that the resources can be used to enhance the operational preparedness of the Army.

The Defence Ministry has held the view for a long time that the jawans are very fit and well trained when they leave the Army and hence the move for a new regime that will make them stay in the Army for longer duration will help the Army to have the trained force for a few years more. At present a sepoy retires after serving for 17 years unless and except promoted and almost 80 percent of them retire only at the level of sepoy without any promotion.

If the Shekatkar Committee’s recommendations are accepted, the move will reduce the cost of training new jawans along with the problem of providing them reemployment, as almost 60,000 soldiers retire every year. Read more…


Imagre credit- UNI India

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