DGCA finds IndiGo’s training facility in UK deficient

DGCA finds IndiGo’s training facility in UK deficient

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has found a pilot simulator training facility used by IndiGo, the country’s biggest airline by market share, to train pilots in United Kingdom deficient.

IndiGo has been directed by the DGCA not to use the training facility.

This is the first time ever that India’s aviation safety regulator has taken action on a training facility situated outside the country.

Simulator training is considered the most crucial for pilots as training for situation like an engine failure or low visibility training can’t be simulated on an aircraft.

IndiGo said the simulators at the training facility are CAA approved and accredited. CAA is the Civil Aviation Authority, being the government statutory authority of a state.

“Under the revised provisions of a new directive, DGCA conducted evaluation of all overseas simulators being used by Airlines in India for training. A simulator training facility generally has a number of simulators of different vintage. It was during this simulator evaluation by DGCA on 11 May that one amongst many simulators in this training facility in UK, being used by IndiGo, was found to be short on some technical parameters,” the airline said.

“DGCA has advised them to rectify these shortcomings by a specified period. IndiGo uses only those simulators which are approved by DGCA. As a step of abundant caution, IndiGo has unilaterally decided not to conduct any further training on this simulator, till such time the shortcomings as observed by DGCA are rectified. Since 11 May, IndiGo has not conducted any training on this Simulator,” it said.

“Over the last 12 months, IndiGo has trained 50 Pilots (4.2 pilots /month) at the various simulators available at this training centre. The findings during the simulator evaluation by DGCA do not affect the quality of training imparted and the regulator has not proposed any extra training for these pilots. This restriction will not impact IndiGo as we primarily conduct a major portion of our training at CAE-Dubai,” it said.

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