The Human Face of AI – Two International Flights Land Midway

Air India, once again, demonstrated its care and concern for passenger safety and well being, when two international flights were diverted mid-way to address medical emergencies of the passengers.

Chicago-bound flight AI 127 landed in Norway on Friday while AI 174 San Francisco-Delhi flight on Saturday was diverted to Helsinki as passengers on board needed immediate medical attention, said sources.

After taking off from Delhi, a passenger on board AI 127 complained of giddiness. When after providing all possible medical help on board the situation did not improve the pilots sought permission to land in Norway. “The passenger was immediately rushed to hospital on arrival,” said an official.

In an another medical emergency AI 174 SFO-Delhi landed at Helsinki airport, when a two-and-a-half year old child accompanied by his parents complained of health problems during the flight.

Ashwani Lohani, chairman and managing director of Air India said, “In close to 24 hours, Air India managed two medical emergencies effectively, giving top most priority to our passenger’s well-being. I would like to appreciate
our crew for managing the situation and who time again have demonstrated their expertise.”

Timely action by Air India helped provide urgent medical care and the passenger’s condition is stable, said sources.

“A diversion results in a non-scheduled stop and does involve extra expenses. But when it comes to passenger comfort and safety, we have often seen Air India go out of the way and ensure that passengers are taken care of.

The national carrier has a build a reputation of helping passengers where others would dare to tread. We have seen it play a leading role in helping Indian nationals out to safety in both domestic and international emergencies,” said Aviation expert Rajji Rai.

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    It is a legal requirement not a “human face” for air India. Air India PR needs better “masala” to prop up their image rather than such stories piggybacking on other people’s health issues.

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