Defence deal would require political consensus in Bangladesh and India

We have heard that a defence deal of some kind is likely to be signed between Bangladesh and India. What might it contain?
I have heard from various sources and read in media that some sort of undertaking is in the offing. Whether it is a defence agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding, or whatever form it takes, it will likely include a defence platform for the two countries to institutionalise cooperation.
If that happened, it would be the first time Bangladesh agreed to an institutionalised platform for defence cooperation with India. They might explore the possibility of joint ventures in defence and defence technology, and joint efforts at capacity-building with regard to armaments and training, and maybe maritime infrastructure building too.To be viable, any sort of defence deal would require a political consensus in both countries. Since we have a political regime that is not functioning properly, there would at least have to be a public consultation. The honourable prime minister enjoys a very strong position and has good reason to be confident. I am quite sure she will be sensitive to public perception Why do we need to rush? I do not believe this is the right time for Bangladesh for such a deal One reason is that we are in the midst of our own defence modernisation effort – and the goal is 2030. Until we have implemented it, undertakings of this kind are unnecessary Let’s be very clear about one very important thing: Bangladesh is not a security or defence recipient. Bangladesh is a defence provider. Bangladesh has substantially provided security to India, in addition to extensive support to UN peace-keeping missions. We have played a key role in underwriting stability and security in India’s north-eastern region. Secondly,

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