India Offers Akash Missile to Vietnam: The surface-to-air Missile that can neutralise multiple air targets

Akash MissileIndia may sell the Akash missile system to Vietnam. Know all about the supersonic missile system.

India is currently discussing the sale of the indegenous Akash missle system to Vietnam.

As China’s stance with India becomes a little conforontational in the Asia-Pacific region, this deal is under the watchful eyes of the world. India’s expanding ‘strategic and military partnership’ with Japan and Vietnam is another step forward into boosting bilateral ties.

Here is all you need to know about the Akash missile system:

  • Akash is a supersonic short range surface-to-air missile capable of neutralising aerial threats
  • The asset of this missile system is its capability to neutralise multiple aerial targets coming from different directions at the same time
  • The maximum range of this missile is 25 kilometres and it can neutralise targets at a maximum altitude of 20 kilometres. It is meant for neutralising medium range air targets flying at low or medium height. Read more…

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