Jet Airways Goa flight 9W 2374 escapes tragedy: Passengers slam airlines for lax treatment


Passangers of Jet Airways Goa flight 9W 2374, which skidded from runway at Goa’s Dabolim airport casusing injuries to people on board, have alleged that no help was provided to them by the airport staff. A video aired on India Today and Times Now showed how angered passengers cornered airlines after receiving ill treatment. At least 15 out of 154 passengers have been reported injured. The airline said, “All guests and crew have been safely evacuated. Few guests have sustained injuries during the evacuation process.” The incident occured early this morning when the flight was scheduled to travel from Goa to Mumbai.

Here’s how the passengers reacted:

“We didn’t understand what happened. There is no one, who is ready to help. The concerned authorities are keeping quiet and not giving any answer,” said one of the stranded passengers.
“It was terrible. The engine exploded and we could’ve died,” said a foreigner on board the aircraft.

A passenger named Abhishek said, “Situation was critical; nobody is helping, authority is not giving answers; Don’t know what to do Read More...

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