Lasting love or a one-time affair?


They say politics make for strange bedfellows. Nothing could be stranger than two business leaders whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears… Nawaz Sharif and Donald Trump.

The language of business, I am told, is universal. It is not all about the almighty dollar either. There is an unspoken respect and understanding among businessmen which makes it so easy for them to relate to each other. They are risk takers, smart, opportunistic, and don’t let naysayers get in their way.

A successful business person knows how to work with the cards dealt to him. He has to be smarter than his competition, plan his strategy like a military general, have diplomatic skills to navigate the landscape and financial acumen to get the job done. But wait till you give a successful businessman a country to run…hang on to your seat belts! It will be a memorable ride of a lifetime. You will get results, like it or not. What do Sharif and Trump have in common? They are CEO’s of their respective countries. The buck stops with them, no excuses! Both have nothing to prove to anyone but themselves. It is both their love for their country and maybe even more than that, their egos that drives them. They have financial independence. As Donald Trump reminds people, he “doesn’t owe anyone, anything”. Ego, power and success are a mind-blowing combination! Read More…

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