Gen Bipin Rawat :The Next Generation In Kashmir Should Not Live Through The Sounds of Gunfire and Smell of Explosives


Anupama Airy
Insurgency is doing no good to the people of Kashmir and it is the young boys (the Kashmiri’s) who are suffering, said India’s Chief of Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat on the back of growing incidents of insurgency in South Kashmir.

In an exclusive interview to, General Rawat said, “I want to reach out to the people of Kashmir, particularly to the parents of those who have taken to insurgency and tell them that it is doing no good to the people of South Kashmir or Kashmir as such.”

“To live in a Utopian world and say that there is going to be azadi and in that they are going to join Pakistan which will take over Kashmir, I think such people are living in a euphoria and a fool’s world.”

Sending out a strong message, Gen Rawat said, “Let it be clear to all. The Indian Army

and the Indian establishments are strong enough to control the situation.”

These are the first official comments made by Gen Rawat following repeated attempts to disrupt normalcy in the valley particularly in South Kashmir.

Gen Rawat also made it very clear that while the Army will be able to bring things under control but “it is going to come at some cost and that cost is being borne by the local population.”

Stating that ever since 1990, enough has happened to Kashmir, Gen Rawat said, “We don’t want this anymore….One generation has been lost and has suffered and today they are living in this kind of world. But why should the next generation go through it.”

“I had always believed and said that the next generation should not live through the sounds of gunfire and the smell of explosives. In the ultimate analysis, however, it is the young boys (Kashmiri’s) who are suffering,” said the Army Chief.

Gen Rawat said “the idea is to bring peace and whatever is happening in Kashmir, I would like to reach out to all those people who have picked up arms to say that it is in their interest that they come forward and handover their weapons….We will accept surrenders.”

In his last word of caution, Gen Rawat added that the losers otherwise will be the people of Kashmir. “This is the truth, which the earlier they understand the better it is,” he said.

(The complete text of the interview of General Bipin Rawat will be published on Monday, Feb 27th on

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