Pakistan acting as ‘crying wolf’: Defence experts on Permanent Indus Commission meet

With India all set to attend the meeting of the Permanent Indus Commission in Lahore, defence experts today said New Delhi will utilize the entire legitimate part of the rivers falling under the treaty and added that Pakistan, which has been acting as a crying wolf, should discuss the issue bilaterally.

Defence Expert Major General (Retd.) P.K. Sehgal said the treaty allows India to use 19.8 percent water of the western rivers.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has categorically made a statement that we will use that water irrespective of whatever may be the consequences.

Pakistan has been acting as a crying wolf and has been going to the United Nations and elsewhere to seek arbitration,” Major General (Retd.) Sehgal told ANI.

“India is giving a message loud and clear that we are keen to discuss everything that is part of the treaty and we do not want to do anything which is illegitimate and which is not indicated in the treaty,” he added.

He emphasized that there are built in methods to deal with any dispute but Pakistan wants to go beyond that.

“We can bilaterally discuss it because we are going to use only what is the legitimate right of ours as per the treaty, which we have so far not used,” he added.

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