Private website issues forged tourist visas, police files case

The Delhi police has filed a case against a private commercial website which allegedly issued forged e-tourist visas to foreign nationals. The website facilitates visa services although it is not authorised to issue e-tourist visa to any foreign national.

Sources said that in October 2016, two US nationals arrived at IGI Airport by an Air India flight AI-317 from Hong Kong on eTVs (electronic tourist visa). Upon questioning, it was revealed that they had applied for Indian eTVs through Subsequently, an email was received by the US nationals on behalf of Team India Visa Online confirming that their eTVs were granted. However, both the US nationals were refused entry as the e-visas turned out to be fake.

It has been cleared that the ministry of home affairs (MHA) has not authorised any agency/agent/company/individual to issue eTV to any foreign national. Read More…

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