RCS-UDAN: Ministry seeks 44 slots at Delhi, Mumbai airports

The Civil Aviation Ministry has sought over 40 slots at the Delhi and Mumbai airport for the operation of flights under the regional connectivity scheme (RCS), UDAN.

The demand has baffled the two airport operators who are facing severe capacity crunch, amid increasing requests from the scheduled operators for more slots, a source said.At present, Delhi airport handles around 1,200 aircraft movements per day with three runways whereas Mumbai airport which has single runway operations has some 900 arrivals and departures per day.

The Ministry at a recent stakeholders meeting on UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik) urged the private operators of the two metro airports–DIAL and MIAL–to provide 24 slots at Delhi and 20 slots at Mumbai airport for the RCS flights, a source said.  Read more



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