SAR Operation Off Mumbai to Locate Missing Fishermen And The Brave Naval Divers


On 17 September 2016 morning, a fishing vessel Datta Sai suffered damage due to bad weather and sank about 30  autical Miles from Mumbai. The fishing vessel had 17 crew members on board.

MV Dependable, a merchant ship in the vicinity picked up 14 fishermen.

Search and Rescue operation was joined by units of Coast Guard, Indian Navy and ONGC.

In the evening one fisherman was sighted by INS Trishul. The ship lowered a boat and two divers to pick up the survivor.

Subsequently the survivor and the divers could not be seen even at close range by the ship due to rain, bad weather and darkness. Search efforts have been stepped up to locate the two divers and three remaining fishermen.

A navy spokesperson said the massive SAR operation launched by the Navy, Coast Guard and ONGC involved 10 ships and four aircrafts to locate the missing fishermen and the brave naval divers.

The naval divers went adrift last night during an attempt to rescue a missing fisherman from ill fated fishing boat ‘Dutta Sai’.

The two divers survived the whole night in water under adverse weather and sea conditions and were picked up by a fishing boat ‘Ram Dutta Sai’ at 6 AM this morning.

The SAR operation was closely coordinated between the Navy, Coast Guard, ONGC and Fishermen Association at Mumbai. Search for missing fishermen continues.

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