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Dear Readers.

From DefenceAviationPost a Big Thank You and gratitude for your support as we completed one year on March 28th.

All of you have encouraged us in this journey. Many wonderful suggestions too have been received.

Keeping all these ideas in view we have decided to ENHANCE THE CONTENT of DefenceAviationPost and take on additional assignments.

In addition to the daily NEWS updates and newsletters some of the new features will be as follows:

A. DISCOVER INDUSTRY CAPABILITY: A common space for all industries–big, medium, small, micro, OEMs including foreign OEMs to inform all stakeholders of their capabilities, free of any charge.

This would provide the potential user a single point to remain updated on the industry capabilities.

Likewise keep the integrators informed of the availability of systems and subsystems. The information could guide further research too.

Contact information of the industry and their representatives would be included.

B. eBROCHURES & CATALOGUES: DefenceAviationPost will host BROCHURES & CATALOGUES OF Industry to provide details of products and solutions, services and facilities at a nominal fee.

C. RESEARCH INFORMATION: Space to keep the industry and the user informed about research being undertaken by various agencies/ entities.

D. RFI/EoI: Update on RFI/ EoI to keep the industry informed.

E. LINKS TO POLICY DOCUMENTS: Links to key policy documents and other documents like COMPENDIUMS OF PROBLEM STATEMENTS that we recently shared.

F. SEMINAR FOR THE FUTURE: DefenceAviationPost shall in collaboration with the Government, research organisations and industry organise seminars and conference on areas of common interest and require attention.

A number of conference and seminars are already taking place: So how shall we be different?

Essentially it would be WHAT NEXT?

Instead of the seminar being the outcome it would contribute to the future!

We intend to generate debates on issues emanating from the Seminar, both technical and policy and facilitate their pursuance . And we shall not restrict ourselves to just Delhi but conduct such seminars and conferences across the country.

G. INDIVIDUAL’S SPACE: Individuals who are engaged in some research or studies may utilise the space to inform all stakeholders of their work.
We welcome you to join us in this initiative.
Your feedback and suggestions are most valuable for us.

Write to us at and on
Or call us at 9810661825
Twitter handle: @defencepost

​Thanks and Regards.

Anupama Airy
​​Twitter handle: @anupamaairy​

Independent Journalist and Energy Expert.​(Worked with leading mainline financial and national daily for 23 years.​)​

Also ​Founder and Editor of
Twitter handle: @energyinfrapos1

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