US Calls For India, Afghanistan And Pakistan Partnership On Counter-Terrorism

The US has called for partnership between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan on counter-terrorism operations, asserting that is for the “betterment” of the region as security of the three countries is linked with one another.

“The realisation that Afghanistan’s security, Pakistan’s security, indeed India’s security – they’re all interconnected. So as much as they can work in tandem or work in a partnership on counterterrorism operations, I think it’s for the betterment of the region,” State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner told reporters yesterday.

Condemning the terrorist attacks on Afghanistan’s Parliament in Kabul that killed at least 38 people, and also one in Kandhar, Toner agreed with the allegations of the Afghan government that continuation of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan gave terrorists an opportunity to carry out attacks inside Afghanistan at their will.

“I think we’ve been very frank and very open about publicly saying to Pakistan that it needs to not provide any safe haven to groups that will or are intent on carrying out attacks on Afghanistan,” Toner said. Read More…

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