Launch of 5G in the United States: Air India obtains technical authorization to fly a Boeing 777

By Hindustant imes

After a brief hiatus, Air India resumed flight operations on the Boeing 777 aircraft to the United States on Thursday following a technical incident that hampered the launch of 5G services in the country.

The airline issued a statement indicating that Boeing has issued a permit to operate flights on its B777 aircraft. “Boeing has cleared the IA to operate in the United States with the B777. The first flight departed this morning for JFK.

Other flights departing during the day are to Chicago and SFO. Arrangements are being made for transportation of stranded passengers regarding the B777 flight to the United States has been resolved,” Air India said in a statement. Air India had canceled at least eight B777 flights to key U.S. destinations including Chicago, Newark, New York and San Francisco.

The airline had said it would try to switch to other aircraft for those routes.In total, the airlines canceled more than 320 flights to and from the United States on Wednesday night following the warnings from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to the launch of high-speed wireless service interfering with the aviation technology it measures at altitude, an Associated Press report says.

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