6 Indian Army Divisions Assigned From Ladakh Sector To Arunachal Pradesh

In the midst of the continuing military stalemate with China, the Indian Army has relocated six of its divisions’ operational missions from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, shifting their focus away from the Pakistan front and toward China.

The Indian Army has been rebalancing and realigning its forces, which were previously more prepared for the Pakistan danger than the threats from the northern frontier.

Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande assessed the condition and deployment of Indian Army forces along the Chinese border during his first visit to that sector on Thursday.

The military standoff with China has lasted more than two years, since the Chinese side attempted to unilaterally change the status quo by massing troops against Indian installations.

According to high government officials, one division of the Rashtriya Rifles has been removed from counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir and has been deployed in the Eastern Ladakh sector with the 3 Division already stationed there.

Image Credit: ADGPI – Indian Army
A division from a Strike Corps in Haryana has been moved to the Central Command in Uttarakhand to guard the Central region, where the Chinese have staked claims.

The Indian Army has also allocated two divisions of the One Strike Corps to the Ladakh sector as supplementary or reserve forces to support the Northern Command. The One Strike Corps was formerly only focused on the Pakistan front, but it will now transfer its attention to the northern border.

The 17 Mountain Strike Corps has been entirely allocated to the eastern areas along the Line of Actual Control and is now responsible for the whole northeast. According to the reports, it has also been awarded an additional Division based in Jharkhand.

In Assam, the Army has freed up a division that was formerly involved in counter-terrorism operations and gave it sole responsibility for the China border.

The Indian Army has reached a point of balance in terms of catering to both fronts, and it is now preparing for long-term conventional warfighting tasks.

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