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68 Chinese Fighter Jets And 13 Warships Crossed Median Line, According To Taiwan’s Defence Ministry

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  • The Eastern Theater Command also launched new versions of missiles that it claimed hit unidentified targets in the Taiwan Strait "with precision."
  • The drills, described by Xinhua as being on a "unprecedented scale," are China's most vehement reaction to Pelosi's visit.

As tensions in the Taiwan Strait rose in the aftermath of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China increased its military activities, with 68 Chinese military planes and 13 warships crossing the median line to participate in drills.

According to Taiwan’s defence ministry, 68 Chinese military aircraft and 13 navy ships are conducting missions in the sensitive Taiwan Strait, and some of them have “deliberately” crossed an unofficial buffer zone separating the two sides.

“Several PLA aircraft and vessels have been seen participating in drills in the Taiwan Strait and crossing the median line. In response to this situation, #ROCArmedForces have used alert broadcast, CAP aircraft, patrolling naval vessels, and land-based missile systems “Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense tweeted about it.

Until 17:00 (UTC+8), the PLA dispatched 68 aircraft and 13 vessels to the activities in the Taiwan Strait, a portion of which had crossed the median line and jeopardised the strait’s status quo.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense responded appropriately with surveillance systems, CAP aircraft, naval vessels, and missile systems to such a situation.

“We condemn such action that disrupted our surrounding airspace and waters and will continue to protect our democracy and freedom from threats,” the tweet continued.

In a statement, the ministry condemned China, saying its armed forces had “seriously harmed” the status quo and “harassed” Taiwan’s water and air space.
“We do not seek escalation or to antagonise others. Together with our citizens, the #ROCArmedForces are dedicated to #ProtectingOurCountry “the tweet added

Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang slammed “the evil neighbour” after China encircled the self-ruled island with a series of massive military drills condemned by the US and other Western allies.
Notably, following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan, China has increased its pressure on Taiwan.

China is conducting threatening military exercises off Taiwan’s coasts, which it says will last until Sunday. According to state media, missiles were also fired over Taiwan. The speaker is the most senior US politician to visit Taiwan in the last 25 years.

China is opposed to the self-governing island having its own contacts with foreign governments, but its reaction to Pelosi’s visit was unusually vehement.
Over the past two days, China said, more than 100 warplanes and ten warships have participated in live-fire military drills around Taiwan.

According to the official Xinhua News Agency, fighters, bombers, destroyers, and frigates were all used in “joint blockage operations” on Friday.
The Eastern Theater Command also launched new versions of missiles that it claimed hit unidentified targets in the Taiwan Strait “with precision.”

According to state media, the Rocket Force also fired projectiles over Taiwan into the Pacific, escalating China’s threats to attack and invade the island.

The drills, described by Xinhua as being on a “unprecedented scale,” are China’s most vehement reaction to Pelosi’s visit.

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