A roadblock in the transfer of defence technology will be overcome soon: US

According to a top US government official on a visit to India, India’s defence cooperation with the US would soon overcome impediments on technology transfer and bureaucratic red tape, thanks to directives from both nations’ presidents. According to the official, the two countries’ defence cooperation will enter a new chapter. The US was committed to assisting India in modernising its armed forces and was completely supportive of indigenization efforts, according to the official, who described the recent 2+2 dialogue as a watershed moment.

“The next step is to identify the capabilities that can be improved and the obstacles that must be addressed. The difference this time is that the defence connection is in a much better place, and there has been some leadership guidance “According to the official, A collaborative project for air-launched UAVs has already been announced as part of the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative, and two other projects for counter-drone systems and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms are expected to be finalised soon.

“Bureaucratic problems potentially related with tech transfer that existed before will all be carefully considered,” the official said, in response to questioning about previous tech transfer plans that never materialised. While broad areas of cooperation such as artificial intelligence, cyberspace, and space have been identified, the two governments are focusing on specialised sectors such as underwater technologies.

The United States is also concerned about China’s military growth in the Indian Ocean region. PLA actions have followed a pattern, from those in the South China Sea to those along the Line of Actual Control and in Taiwan.

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