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Additional S-400 air defence systems delivered by Russia

Even while its military offensive in Ukraine continues, Russia has delivered additional S-400 air defence systems to India, fulfilling obligations made when the contract was struck. According to sources, the additional units came lately, and more are on their way in accordance with the contract’s timeline.

The air force has already recruited the first S-400 squadron, with a total of five regiments on order. Despite the severe financial restrictions imposed by the western world, Russia has previously claimed that scheduled deliveries of all outstanding contracts will be completed on time.

The Covid-19 epidemic had no effect on the delivery timetable, either. The system’s first deliveries occurred last year, with Russian developers saying that it would provide “100% air cover” even in high-altitude places like Ladakh, where border tensions with China have been simmering since 2020.

The Russian system can shoot down targets from a distance of over 400 kilometres and is technically capable of covering most key Chinese airbases in Tibet that are aimed against Eastern Ladakh. China has also received S 400 system delivery and is thought to have placed certain elements in Tibet.

The S-400 delivery will provide India with a formidable air defence layer, but it is being closely monitored around the world and may face US financial sanctions for purchasing Russian technology.

The US had threatened Turkey with sanctions if it took delivery of the S 400. India, according to US authorities, has not been granted a broad waiver from such sanctions.

The S-400 was India’s largest defence contract with Russia in over two decades. The $ 5.43 billion contract was signed in 2018, with delivery beginning in 2021.

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