Amarnath Cave Cloudburst: Army Deploys Radars To Find Survivors Under Beneath Rubble

Following a cloudburst that devastated the region surrounding the revered Amarnath shrine on Friday, the Indian Army installed radars on Sunday in an effort to find survivors hidden beneath the rubble.

According to Indian Army sources, the Xaver 4000 radar was installed and has been in use at Amarnath since late in the day in an effort to locate any survivors under the rubble.

On Sunday, Manoj Sinha, the lieutenant governor (LG) of Jammu and Kashmir, met with pilgrims while visiting a base camp in Pahalgam.

“The administration and security staff ran a successful rescue operation. We extend our sympathies to the families of the deceased. In addition to fixing the path, efforts are being made to restart the Yatra. If pilgrims do come, we would give them all the amenities, Sinha promised.

On Friday, the Amarnath yatra was put on hold till further notice.

The pilgrims, however, have been waiting for it to resume at the Baltal Base Camp.

According to information provided on Saturday by Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) officials, up to 35 pilgrims were released after receiving treatment.

“35 pilgrims received treatment and were later released. 17 patients are receiving care and will likely be released tonight. According to SASB officials, everyone is safe and well.

The patients who were in serious condition were flown to Srinagar.

People who had suffered critical injuries were flown to Srinagar. Two buried yet living individuals were rescued. We are exercising every safety measure. Jammu and Kashmir police report that there are 41 missing, some of whom have been found. Yatra could start up again in a day or two, according to CRPF DG Kuldiep Singh.

At least 16 people have perished in the cloud burst incident at the revered Amarnath shrine, according to data from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) on Saturday.

The Indian Air Force dispatched four Mi-17V5 and four Cheetal helicopters for Saturday’s rescue and relief operations at the Amarnath shrine.

The Cheetal helicopters made 45 sorties, removing 45 survivors from the sacred cave while transporting five members of the NDRF and the Army as well as 3.5 tonnes of humanitarian supplies.

The LG presided over a high-level meeting on Saturday, according to the officials, to examine the continuing rescue and relief efforts at Amarnath cave.

To expedite the rescue efforts in the impacted areas, the Indian Army announced that they have gathered “essential rescue equipment.”

According to the Indian Army, “in light of the recent cloudburst of Amarnath in which 16 persons lost their lives and dozens are assumed missing,” the army has pulled up essential rescue equipment to expedite rescue efforts and route maintenance.

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