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Amid China’s Reunification Threats, US, Japan Could Deploy ‘Cutting Edge’ Missiles Near Taiwan Strait

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Amid continued Chinese belligerence and reunification threats to Taiwan, US and Japan could stock weapons in each other’s defense facilities, including islands near Taiwan.

Joint use of facilities not only includes stockpiling weapons but also the shared use of runways, Nikkei Asian Review reported. US and Japan plan to have a stockpile of munitions that can be rapidly deployed in the Taiwan Strait and nearby areas.

Precision-guided missiles will likely play a critical role in a Taiwan Strait conflict. Currently, the three types of missiles that could be in short supply in the near future include the Joint Air-to-Surface Strike Missile, Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, and the Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile, Nikkei reported.

Taiwan Looks To Thwart Chinese Offensive
Taiwan has decided to spend more to augment its defense capabilities against growing military threats from China. Lawmakers of the self-governing island, whose very survival is at stake, unanimously agreed to pass a special budget valued at $8.6 billion. This came on top of a record annual defense budget worth approximately $17 billion set for 2022.

Taipei said that the additional funds will be utilized for acquiring precision missiles and mass-manufacturing high-efficiency naval ships “in the shortest period of time” to enhance the autonomous island’s sea and air capabilities.

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