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Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict, India Receives S-400 Military Supplies From Moscow

Top sources told India Today that India has acquired a batch of Russian S-400 missile systems amid the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“We are continuing to receive our consignments without any delays or concerns,” top government sources told. “The latest consignment of overhauled engines was received a few days ago despite the fighting there.”

The S-400 missile system was transported by ship, according to sources, and is currently operational. Parts of the missile system were delivered by air and sea and immediately placed in the selected sites.

The War Between Russia and Ukraine and Its Consequences

According to sources, the military is storing spare parts and equipment to keep the fleet functioning, and there is currently no difficulty. The military may, however, encounter a difficulty in the near future because the Russians are unable to be paid for their supplies due to banking system restrictions and sanctions imposed by the West.

Meanwhile, the Indian government is actively seeking answers to the problem, and efforts in this regard are undertaken on a daily basis.

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