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Army Is Open To New Ideas For Combat Vehicles Says Army Chief General Naravane 

General MM Naravane, the Indian Army’s Chief of Army Staff, stated on Saturday that the Indian Army is open to proposals for developing ready and future combat vehicles that are still in the conception stage.

“The Indian Army has just started a programme to develop future combat vehicles. Both are at the conceptualization stage, and we are open to suggestions,” he remarked in his keynote talk at Karnavati University’s third edition of Ahmedabad Design Week.

He described the future of aerospace and defence as “electronic” in terms of how things would evolve.

“As time goes on, more and more electricity-based equipment that isn’t reliant on fossil fuels will emerge.” In the realm of miniaturisation, there is still a lot of work to be done. Large platforms are unaffordable for us. “Our ship and aircraft must be modest,” General Naravane explained.

Because the demands of today’s battlefield are demanding and diverse, he believes that design should be of a calibre that will be relevant for the next 50 years. General Naravane stated that designing a system that fits all in one is difficult since these crucial, necessary, and desired qualities must be kept in mind.

“If we keep this in mind, we’ll be able to accomplish a lot better.” For example, build a vehicle that can drive effectively over various terrains, or invent a system that makes potable water easily accessible in remote locations. He went on to say, “We’re searching for technical solutions.”

He had previously opened the third edition of Ahmedabad Design Week (ADW), a melting pot of ideas and insights hosted by Karnavati University. The university is a public, private institution devoted to teaching quality and interdisciplinary learning. The focus for ADW 3.0 this year is Design and Innovation in Defense and Aerospace, which is a strategic topic.

Entrepreneurs and industry, according to Air Marshal RK Dhir (Retd), must take the initiative right now to attain self-sufficiency.

“A nation’s strength is built on the foundations of military force, diplomacy, and even economic might. Self-reliance stemming from a will to thrive and survive is essential, and the industry is now searching within for it.

Entrepreneurs and industry must take the lead today to achieve this,” he added.

According to Dhir, a major manufacturing business may soon relocate to Gujarat to focus on defence production, as part of the national leadership’s objective to build an ecosystem that would help India become stronger. “This is where scientists, DRDO, and others must collaborate,” he continued.

Prahalad Kakkar, the founder of Genesis Film Production, discussed the importance of defence manufacture in India.

“Anything will perform better when it is well planned,” he remarked. We live in a perilous world these days. India’s defence capabilities are lacking, not just in terms of defence but also in terms of technology. Even if we are late, it is critical to consider defence manufacturing now.

Today’s battle is more about economy than it is about protected global wars. The ability of a country to endure a war determines its strength, and here is where we must concentrate our efforts.”

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