Explained: Role Of Artificial intelligence & machine learning in defence

By Hindustan Times

Director of Pune, Research and Development Institute (R&DE) of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Prime Minister Kurulkar said that advanced technology is evolving through intelligence artificial intelligence, machine learning and extensive research. Changing challenges in security, biotechnology, communications, among others.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning play a vital role in the field of defense. Students should develop a tendency to do research and innovation,” Kurulkar said addressing students and researchers during of the groundbreaking ceremony for the “National Conference on Communication, Computational Intelligence and Two-Day Learning (NCCCIL).

The conference is co-hosted by the Department of Information Technology, Army Institute of Technology (AIT), Dighi and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).The conference reviewed about 64 research papers (over 150 participants) out of which 43 papers were selected and 34 were registered.

Due to the pandemic current Covid19, the conference is being held online Selected research papers will be published in three peer-reviewed journals i The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication on Engineers (IETE), Web of Science Group and CRC Press.

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