As Part Of Their Bilateral Defence Cooperation, India And Bangladesh Hold A Joint Military Exercise

On Sunday, June 5, a joint military training exercise between India and Bangladesh began at the Jessore military post in Bangladesh. As part of bilateral defence cooperation, the exercise ‘Ex SAMPRITI-X’ will run through June 16.

The military training exercise is designed to improve interoperability and cooperation between the two militaries.

The Indian Army stated in a statement that the exercise’s goal is to “strengthen interoperability between the two armies” and to “learn each other’s tactical drills and operational techniques.”

A unit of the Dogra regiment is representing the Indian contingent.

The forces of both countries will share expertise in different simulated scenarios of counter-terrorism, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, and UN peacekeeping force under UN mandate during the joint military exercise.

The exercise will conclude with a final validation exercise in which troops from both armies will train together in a simulated setting to conduct a counter-terrorism operation.

“This exercise provides an opportunity for increased cultural understanding and collaboration between the military of the two countries. The exercise will help both armies by allowing them to learn from each other’s enormous expertise, contributing to regional peace and stability “According to a press statement from the Indian Army.

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