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As Russia Declares War On Ukraine, Imran Khan In Moscow Expresses His ‘Excitement.’

On Wednesday night, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Moscow for a two-day visit, just hours before Russian President Vladimir Putin authorised a strike on Ukraine in response to the country’s growing tensions with Russia.

The timing of Imran Khan’s visit has been questioned, and now a video of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s chat as soon as he arrived in Moscow has emerged. “What an exciting moment I’ve arrived at,” Imran Khan said as he spoke with the members of the group who welcomed him. “I am really delighted to come to Moscow,” Imran Khan can also be heard saying. Imran Khan was met at the airport by Russian deputy foreign minister Igor Morgulov, who was escorted by the Russian military.

Imran Khan is in Russia for a day, reportedly to promote the development of a multibillion-dollar gas pipeline in conjunction with Russian firms. Imran Khan was also set to have lunch with Putin on Thursday, and he was due to leave for Islamabad at 11.30 p.m. following his scheduled meeting.

On Thursday, however, as tensions rose, Imran Khan allegedly ended his visit before his scheduled meetings. The trip had been planned for more than a month and was the first by a Pakistani leader in more than 20 years. The US has reacted to Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow by saying that every country has a responsibility to express opposition to Russia’s activities in Ukraine.

When questioned about Imran Khan’s travel to Moscow, US State Department spokeswoman Ned Price stated, “We’ve indicated to Pakistan our view over Russia’s further renewed invasion of Ukraine, and we’ve advised them on our attempts to choose negotiation over violence.”

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