‘At Its Best, Tri-Services Synergy!’: Army Tweets Photo Of The Moment

The army posted a photo of General Manoj Pande, the 29th chief of the army, with Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari and Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar shortly after he assumed command on Sunday.

The three chiefs of India’s armed services grinned and looked good in their uniforms as the tweet said, “Tri-Services Synergy at its Best!”

General Pande, Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari, and Navy Chief Hari Kumar were all classmates at the 61st National Defence Academy (NDA), and they are now in charge of their respective military branches.

“I’m familiar with the other two service chiefs. It’s a good start for the three Services’ synergy, cooperation, and united manship. General Pande was cited by news agency ANI as stating, “I tell you that all three of us would work together and move things forward in ensuring national security and defence.”

He went on to say that the army “would work together with its sister services to address national security concerns and conflict circumstances.” “My goal is to improve inter-service cooperation and synergy,” stated the Army chief.

General Manoj Pande, who had previously served as the army’s vice chief, was the first commander from the Corps of Engineers to be named COAS.

After graduating from the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun in December 1982, he was commissioned into the Bombay Sappers and has served as an officer for the past 39 years.

General Pande is in charge of the army at a time when the country is confronting a slew of security issues, notably along its borders with China.

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