Babur Missile Test: Pakistan validating Its Second-Strike Capability

In March 2018, Pakistan test fired its indigenous submarine launched cruise missile named Babur-3. It was the second test of Babur-3 after the first missile test in January 2017.  The missile was fired from submersible platform off the Pakistani coast and successfully met all the test parameters. Pakistan’s sea launched cruise missile has a range of 450 kilometers and can carry conventional and nuclear warheads.

Babur 3 uses air-water controlled propulsion, advanced guidance/navigation system and is designed to eject horizontally through submarine torpedoes rather than vertically through cannisterised vertical launch systems. With vertical launch systems it is impossible to keep weapons in dissembled form but with horizontal launch system Pakistan has made this option possible for itself.  Thus, the test of Babur-3 is essential in journey towards credible 2nd strike capability.

Up till now, Pakistan has not revealed as to which submarine will be used to launch Babur-3 but there is some information available regarding the options which can be used including Augusta 90-B or Chinese type 039 A, which Pakistan is procuring. Augusta 90-B series is originally a French technology, and is currently in use by Pakistan. Read More…

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