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Deep in the snow, Jawans patrol forward areas to check for seepage in JK’s Poonch

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Deep in a tapestry of thick snow, Indian Jawans brave extreme weather and inhospitable terrain to conduct patrols and keep a “hawk eye” on infiltrator terrorists ready to sneak up on this side of the Line of Control (LoC ) in the Poonch area.

Sepoy Surinder Singh (name changed), walks daily in deep snow to man the listening post in the forward area at a height of 7,000 feet along the line of conduct in the Poonch sector to keep an eye on the movement undercover terrorists camped in the launch pads on the other side of the border, ready to sneak in here, if they have the slightest opportunity on the surveillance front.

“From snowfall or snow-cold winters to dangerous threats of attack, our morale is high to maintain 24/7 vigilance along the Line of Control. We are not afraid such situations and circumstances,” said a soldier guarding an outpost through his surveillance gear. journalists visiting here.

Troops had to fight with nefarious plans of cunning enemy troops and their snipers, terrorists waiting for an opportunity to sneak in and the threat of attack by Pakistan Border Action Teams (BAT) from a part and extremely cold and inhospitable weather conditions. and deep gorges on their side of the Pakistani border. Another jawan says they have to battle snow, cold, and inhospitable terrain while patrolling the LoC from a long distance.

“Visibility in the cloudy and snowy conditions along the LoC is getting so bad that we cannot see our jawans even from a distance of a few meters. At the same time, we have to protect ourselves from Pakistan’s nefarious designs,” a- he declared.

In anticipation of winter, the army is preparing rope nets to advance and hilly posts to patrol the line of control using those ropes, they said adding that they are armed with a new set of guns, including Israeli-made “Negev NG7” light machine guns and high-tech surveillance equipment.

NG7 SLR, which in automatic mode has a rate of fire of more than 600,700 rounds per minute and weighs more than 8 kg, it was introduced into the army along the LoC last year because it can reach a kilometer .

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