Be extra cautious while landing near 5G service airports, Boeing to airlines

By Zeenews

Boeing plane operators are being told to implement extra procedures whenever they land on wet or snowy runways near new 5G networks. It’s because the planes may need more space to land due to interference from wireless networks.

Apparently, interference can interfere with systems such as thrust reversers on Boeing 787s, leaving only the brakes available to slow the plane down according to FAA.

As a result, an aircraft might not be able to stop on the runway, said the FAA. More orders are likely to follow in the coming days. Boeing and Airbus have received requests for information on many models by the FAA.

Boeing said it is working with its suppliers, airlines, telecom companies and regulators “to ensure that every commercial airplane model can safely and confidently operate when 5G is implemented in the United States.

As part of its new 5G wireless service, AT&T and Verizon will launch new, faster, wireless service at many airports on Wednesday, as the FAA had begun issuing restrictions on airlines and operators.

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