Boeing Delivers The 12th P-8i Aircraft To The Indian Navy.

According to a statement made on Thursday, the Indian Navy has received the 12th anti-submarine warfare aircraft P-8I from the United States-based aerospace manufacturer Boeing. This is the fourth of four extra aircraft supplied under the Ministry of Defence’s options contract signed in 2016.

“Customer centricity, dedication to modernization, and mission-readiness of India’s defence forces are essential values in our collaboration with India,” the statement reads “Boeing Defence India managing director Surendra Ahuja said.

“With the delivery of the P-8I maritime patrol aircraft, we continue to cultivate this collaboration and are fully dedicated to working closely with India’s defence services to offer the necessary value and capabilities to fulfil their operational demands,” the statement said “Ahuja elaborated.

The P-8I is an important element of the Indian Navy’s fleet, having logged over 35,000 flight hours since its introduction in 2013. With its remarkable maritime surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, adaptability, and operational readiness, the aircraft has proven to be a valuable asset to the Navy. In addition to superior maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare capabilities, the P-8I has been used in disaster relief and humanitarian operations.

The Indian Navy was the first foreign client for the P-8, and it is now being used by the US Navy, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom, and the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Boeing remains dedicated to advancing the Aatmanirbhar goal for the construction, maintenance, and support of the Indian Navy’s P-8I fleet. Boeing Defence India (BDI), Boeing’s local organisation in India, provides training to Indian Navy flight crews, spare parts, ground support equipment, and field-service representative support to India’s increasing P-8I fleet. Boeing’s comprehensive logistics assistance has enabled the fleet to maintain a high level of readiness at the lowest feasible cost.

Several complex and mission-critical P-8I components, including the radar fingerprinting system, IFF (I/T) and datalink, speech secrecy system, mobile satcom system, and wire harnesses, are manufactured in India by supplier partners across the country, including Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Boeing intends to improve in-country technical assistance for the P-8I fleet by utilising the capabilities and knowledge of Boeing’s India Engineering and Technology Center.

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