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Boosting Navy’s Firepower: INS Vashgheer launched by Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar

The last of Project 75’s six submarines, INS Vagsheer, was launched on Wednesday (April 20) by Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders in Mumbai. Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar inaugurated the submarine.

After launch, the submarine will go through a year-long series of tests and trials to ensure that it is fully combat-ready.

The first submarine, the ‘Vagsheer,’ was commissioned in December 1974 and named after the sandfish, a dangerous deep-water sea predator of the Indian Ocean. In April 1997, it was deactivated.

The new submarine is the most recent incarnation of its predecessor, as a ship never ceases to exist in nautical jargon. Even when a ship or submarine is decommissioned, a new ship or submarine with the same name replaces it.

The fourth submarine under Project-75 was commissioned in November 2020. The fifth submarine’s sea trials started in February.

The submarines INS Kalvari, INS Khanderi, and INS Karang have already been launched.

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