Can India Mediate A Cease-fire Between Russia And Ukraine? Is NSA Doval Serving As A Peacemaker In Moscow? Exclusive Details

Top sources acquainted with the development informed  that National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, who is now in Moscow, will attempt to convince Russia to adopt a détente in its attritional war with Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Doval arrived “unannounced” in Russia. According to sources, he is primarily anticipated to meet with his colleague Nikolai Patrushev.

He is only expected to meet Patrushev at this time; but, a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin or other officials could happen depending on what happens in Moscow. According to sources, the United States and European powers like France and Germany are depending on New Delhi to persuade Moscow to agree to a ceasefire. This suggests that India has allowed itself to be drawn into the role of a facilitator after being reassured of Western eagerness to end the fighting.

At the same time, Western officials are pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to consent to a truce and begin talks with Russia on a resolution.


According to sources, India sees it as a chance because, if they are successful in arranging the truce, it will greatly boost its reputation in Europe.

Understanding the defence supply to India is a key component of the trip. The evaluation of the supplies is essential for India’s defence readiness.

The Indian side is concerned about how the international sanctions against Russia will affect supplies to India.

According to sources, the NSA will also discuss the fuel shipments to India and any potential negotiations at the meeting.

He is anticipated to speak on a variety of regional and global issues during his two-day tour, including Afghanistan, counterterrorism, defence, and food and energy security in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.


The Ukrainian ambassador to India had urged PM Narendra Modi to intervene in order to assist discourage Putin and denounce his act of war against Ukraine in February.

“India ought to exercise all of its global power. Modiji is a well-liked figurehead. India and Russia enjoy a special relationship. Igor Polikha had remarked, “Don’t know how many leaders Putin will listen to, but it makes me think that Modi’s strong voice will make him listen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had previously stated in May that there is no winning party in the Russia-Ukraine war since everyone will suffer, and that only peace and negotiations between the nations can end the crisis. During a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, PM Modi made the comments.


S Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs for the Union, responded to the criticism of India’s imports of Russian crude oil on Tuesday.

He claimed it was his “moral obligation” to secure the “best bargain” for the $2000 per capita nation’s citizens.

On Tuesday, he spoke to the Indian community in Bangkok on the rise in energy costs worldwide as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He stated, “We have been extremely transparent and honest about our involvement. People in my country, which has a $2000 per capita income, cannot afford to pay increasing energy prices. My moral obligation is to get the greatest bargain.

Jaishankar argued in favour of India’s Russian oil imports while emphasising the significance of comprehending how the situation in the Ukraine is affecting developing nations. Additionally, he questioned why only India was being investigated when Europe still imported gas from Russia despite the conflict in Ukraine.

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