“We Care for the Forces and All Concerns on Pay Panel To Be Resolved Without Delays,” assures Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar

Manohar Parrikar Assures Resolving All of The 7th Pay Commission Issues soon

  • Raksha Mantri, Manohar Parrikar meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi last night (September 14) and is confident of an early resolution
  • Parrikar told a website on Thursday that he believes that discussions will resolve deadlock
  • Asserted that at least 3 out of the 4 major anomalies over which the service HQs are perturbed will be taken care of very soon.
  • Assured that the three service chiefs are aware how he is using “all the strength” at his command to find a way out.
  • Parrikar said he was aware of the anomalies and shortcomings in the award for the military.
  • said he told the Service Chiefs how the government cares for the forces and all concerns raised by them will be addressed by taking them up with the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister.
  • Anomalies to be taken care of soon would include: The entry level pay suppression in the middle ranks; Non-functional Upgrade (NFU) and Enhancement of Military Service Pay (MSP) for JCOs. 
  • Further assures that most of the other anomalies carried over from the earlier Pay Commissions will be taken up in the two committees formed to resolve them. 
  • Asks Service HQs to start implementing the benefits of the 7th Pay Commission to the troops as soon as possible.
  • Says amendment of the gazette notification over 7th Pay Commission (to make sure the military retains its edge over the Central Armed Police Forces) was initiated by him … a step that shows his seriousness in resolving the issue.

The Issue:

The defence ministry had issued an order implementing the 7thPay Commission on September 5 pending resolution of some issues following which the three services expressed their reservations on some of the provisions of the pay panel. These issues as per the service chiefs would downgrade the status of the forces with respect to their civilian counterparts and police. The services issued a note to all personnel stating that they were “constrained” to request the government to hold the implementation of the 7th pay commission award “in abeyance” on the back of anomalies which need to be resolved.  

Reaction Post Parrikar’s Assurance:

“The Services are satisfied with the response,” Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha who is also the Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee said in a statement on Wednesday after meeting Parrikar.

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27 commentsOn “We Care for the Forces and All Concerns on Pay Panel To Be Resolved Without Delays,” assures Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar

  • As received

    Dear Mr Parrikar,

    1. Last year, three defence services, submitted a 900 pages of detailed study on their objections on 7th CPC to you. But you did not act upon this study. Why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    2. All 900 pages cannot pertain to officers class alone, the bulk of them must be affecting JCOs and Other Ranks (not PBORs). The bulk of 83 issues lingering since 5th CPC, must be pertaining to JCOs and Ors. I have a strong feeling that, instead of addressing them holistically, some body made to infiltrate many people in the ESM groups, and tried to wedge a divide between Officers, JCOs and jawans. If you did not act on these two memoranda, why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    3. On 19 Dec 2015, in a rare move, three Service Chiefs gave a joint memorandum to you, expressing their concerns about 7th CPC. You did not act upon it, Then, Why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    4. Neither in the 7th CPC, nor in the recent empowered committee of secretaries, no member from Defence forces comprising of 30.9 % of central Govt employees, was appointed, though there were 9 members from IAS and one each from Railways etc. Then why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    5. Six months ago, On 11 March 2016, a very high quality, exhaustive power point presentation was given by TRIPAS, in the presence of three Service Chiefs, to the Empowered Committee of secretaries. Even the Cabinet secretary appreciated the presentation. But they and you did not act upon it. Then why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    6. Since the electioneering speech of Mr Modi at Rewari in March 2014, we ESMs are being falsely tantalized about OROP and yet you gave just a fig leaf to us in the name of OROP. Then why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    7. The whole country was made to believe, in a concerted psywar, that OROP would need a huge outflow of 12000 Crores Rs, at the cost of poor people. (Mind you, not at the cost of crony capitalists!) In reality the outcome is only 2300 Crores Rs so far. Then why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    8. Even the pittance the all ranks of forces got in the name of OROP (and also the previous entitlements since 2008), is not being paid by PDA banks to ESMs, especially, the ignorant jawans, settled in far flung villages. But you have no time or aptitude for this critical shortcoming. Then, why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?

    9. Now, you are ordering three service Chiefs to first implement 7th CPC and then you will address the anomalies. Please tell us, why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?
    Yours sincerely
    Major Prakash Patil (Retd)

    Here is a small comparison of average monthly pensions of we foujis, civilians in defence and IAS et al. See how foujis Have been cheated. Why should we trust you now, Mr Parrikar?
    TOTAL PENSIONERS…….25,00,000
    TOTAL BUDGET ……………Rs 33,000 CROES
    TOTAL PENSIONERS……5,32,000
    TOTAL BUDGET……………Rs 21,000 CROES
    TOTAL PENSIONERS……2,95,000
    TOTAL BUDGET…………..Rs 33,500 CROES

  • Assurance is a facade. Nehru ASSURED Gen Thimmayya too that anomalies will be resolved and sought resign back. What happened.


    रच्छा मंत्री जी को यह सोचना चाहिए कि फौज मे अधिकतर लड़ाई सिपाही ही लड़ता है न कि अफसर साथ मे खतरे सिपाही रहता है जबकि अफसर को अंगरक्षक के रुप मे सिपाही मिलता है अतः यह सोचने वाली बात है कि MSP एक अफसर को अधिक मिलना चाहिए या सिपाही को । मेरे विचार से MSP की दर अभी के दर से reverse होना चाहिए ।

  • Very good conversation. this is to boost the morale of defence personal.

  • Anomalies required to b addressed in favor of Armed forces personnel b coz in 6th Pay commission, senior was drawing less pay than his junior in same rank and trade and that was still pending with govt. Which shows poor image of the govt to address the same

  • Govt not acts as per statements given by the official and the anomalies pending. As the case in 6th Pay commission, a senior is drawing less pay than his junior in same rank and trade. Govt assured to settle the issue but still pending since last 10 years.

  • Thanks for the representation by the military commander. Jawans has any problems? No no they are well paid &Happy.

  • Sir u shall be very good for army as my opinion all soldiers r beleive on u & modi sir

  • Th bh

    This good news till it takes wing.

  • One rank one pension is done for commission officers of triservices eg. Major and equivalent rank in all three services having same length of service getting same pension irrespective of their brunches, but in case of NCOs and jcos having same rank
    with same length of service getting different
    Pension for x and y group.if all branches of
    commission officer are getting equal pension to meet moto of orop It may be done for jawan and jcos also so that both x and y group having same rank and length service would get same pension.

  • Concerned raised will be addressed by taking up with the Finance Minister?

    Gone with the wind and do not expect nothing.

  • The Central Armed police personnel are hard pressed as low salaries and no peace posting for them. Sadden by this media news
    I request everybody to look after the CAPF as lot of resentment in CAPF personnel.Please treat us like respected Indian. Don’t kill us mentally.Feeling demotivated by Govt,Defence minister Home minister and Indian Army stand towards us.Serving in CAPF means now like orphan child

  • Respected Defence Minister ji please take care for esm and family pensioners.

  • As a defence minister now he acts rightly taking into confidence the three Chiefs assuring to look into the grievances of the Armed forces .

  • We are very thankful to our def minister if he resolved the anomalies of the armed forces as soon as posible.

  • I’m sure that it’s another fake promise of a politician, which will be lost in time to come.

  • Sir sorry plz don’t say fake news sir all persons moral is down
    Wr is defence govt he is sleeping a lot of time thnxxx sir for this news

  • Zero
    U r not help us solders moral is down

  • Arey bhaiya points kaya hai aur saahb logon kaaa hi badana jawano k liye mat sochna.thik khana Maine.

  • We salute to top brass of forces.sir we all are with you.


    Dear Defence Minister,
    You have been appraised of the anomalies well in time, before issuing the notification. Could you please come clean to state as to what efforts you made to resolve the anomalies before issuing the notification?
    Who would believe you that you would resolve the issues after Forces start implementing the notification in its present form?
    You have already made the fouzis a fool by implementing Diluted OROP. I don’t think now Forces would take you seriously.
    Better look after the forces whose you are the Defense Minister. Come clean to declare that you have tried your level best to convince PM but he doesn’t listen to you. PM only listens to Mr Jet Lie ( Jaitley). If it is true, then it is the time for you to say Enough is Enough. Go back to Goa.

  • Rajendra Singh Yadav

    Meeting with h’ble prime minister by defence minister to resolve anomalies projected in Armed Forces 7TH PAY COMMISSION & assuring through NEWS is an appreciable step.

  • Finally a great job done by our defence minister…tnku 4 looking upto the back stage sir…feel so proud and happy to serve under ur command sir…..atlst u r aware about the reality….jaihind

  • This all an eyewash. All the politicians and their parties have fooled the Armed forces.
    I have no trust in them. They play in the hands of bauricrates.
    Please remember the SOLDIERS have have understood their evil designs

  • I am ex sergeant retired on 30.11.87 from I A F, after 15 years of service, what will be my gross pension.

  • All para mil forces should not be laid down against their counterpart that is army but equal status to be maintained while reviewing annomalies of latest cpo. Implementation ambi.t.otherwise morale of the cpao/paramil forces would be affected diversly

  • This is what is called bovine stataoology. The DM did not wait even for a single day before telling the three Chiefs to implement the 7thPC. Now he is talking in a different language. What I think is he is singing the tunes written by his IAS secretaries and not applying his mind. When he was appointed as the DM he had given hope to the Armed Forces that justice would be done to them. However, Arun Jaitley is controlling the purse and the cabinet. The DM is not able to prevail over the FM and the strong IAS lobby. The concerns of the Armed Forces would be addressed but in the distant future, perhaps after the next Indo-Pak war or Sino-Indian war. Till them the Armed Forces personnel will have to wait and serve bearing all the indignities and less pay. He should learn a basic lesson the man behind the machine and not the machine that wins a war.
    Mera Bharat Mahan but our Mantris are far from mahan.

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