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Challenger To Indian LCA Tejas Fighter Jets: Turkey Plans First-Phase Of Mass Production Of Hurjet Aircraft

Hürjet is also a direct rival of India’s Tejas jet in Malaysia’s tender for Light Combat Aircraft/Fighter Lead-In-Trainer. Furthermore, both the fighters are projected to be strong contenders for the tender.

Tejas is already in the production phase and serving with the Indian Air Force. Hürjet, on the other hand, is still in the development phase and its first flight is still a year away. However, Turkey looks to be on track to accelerate the development of its advanced trainer jet as soon as feasible.

According to a statement made by the Defense Industry Executive Committee following a meeting led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on January 12, Turkey has now decided to move forward with the first-phase mass production of the Hürjet, jet trainer/light attack aircraft.

The Hürjet is expected to make its first flight in 2023. The aircraft is designed with the intention of being a fifth-generation training aircraft.

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