Chest Thumping By Chinese Experts: China More Than Capable Of Defeating India

A day after Indian troops foiled Chinese PLA’s attempted intrusion in Ladakh at Pangong Tso, Chinese media all out in beating war drums quoting experts that China was more than capable to defeat India in any possible military conflict.

Even as Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying on Wednesday did not directly answer a question on whether the friction in Ladakh is connected to the Doklam standoff, Global Times said Beijing does not want to turn Ladakh into another hot-spot issue.

“Even if the incident did happen as described, the two sides are still focused on the Doklam stand-off,” the paper said in an article.

“Even if India withdraws its troops from the Doklam Plateau, China will not let the matter drop, because withdrawal is just the precondition, not the solution. China will still make India pay for its offensive and provocative behavior even if India withdraws its troops as China requests,” Ye Hailin, director of the National Institute of International Strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.

“We don’t want the upcoming BRICS summit to be disrupted. The BRICS summit should be focused on cooperation between rising economies, not an emergency multilateral meeting for conflict mediation. If India keeps its troops in Chinese territory, China’s foreign and defense ministries are very likely to release an ultimatum before September,” Xu Guangyu, a retired rear admiral and senior adviser to the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, told the Global Times.

“The ultimatum will clearly tell India and the world that China will give a certain number of days to India to withdraw its troops. After the deadline, if Indian troops still remain within China’s territory, India will be responsible for all the consequences. China has multiple ways of pushing India back to its own soil if India ignores the ultimatum, as a few dozen military personnel and one bulldozer [in Doklam] is a piece of cake for the Chinese military,” Xu said.

China should prepare for the possibility of escalation, because Indian troops will resist, and if there is bloodshed, China needs to be fully prepared for military conflict. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is more than capable of dealing with any escalation, Xu further said.

India might think that the Chinese air force doesn’t have enough air bases in the Tibet Autonomous Region, but they are seriously mistaken, Xu said. According to open information, China has at least five large airports in Tibet, and the furthest one from Doklam is only 1,000 kilometers away. The combat radius of J-10C and J-11 planes is more than 1,200 kilometers, so the Indian military had better abandon their illusions, he stressed.

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