China adopted ‘three wars’ strategy in bid to expand global influence: French Defense Ministry think tank

By ET News

Beijing is increasingly comfortable with infiltration and coercion, and its influence operations have strengthened considerably in recent years, according to a recent report by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces’ Strategic Research Institute (IRSEM). ).

The report titled “Chinese Influence Operations A Machiavellian Moment” indicates that a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) policy of eliminating internal and external enemies, controlling groups that might challenge its authority, building a coalition around the Party to serve its interests and its project its influence abroad – and the “Three Wars”, which represent the heart of China’s “political war”, which is a form of non-kinetic propensity for conflict aimed at defeating a adversary without a fight by creating a favorable environment for China. enterprise in times of war and peace, embraces public opinion, psychological and legal warfare (the latter is close to what is known as “lawfare” in English), according to the Major Actors Conducting Chinese Influence Operations are offshoots of the Party, state, military and corporations, according to the report.

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