China: Economic Supremacy to Maritime Power

China has established itself as a global economic superpower and is still growing. It currently stands at second after the US with a GDP (nominal) in excess of 14 trillion USD. For an economy and industrializing nation like China, a potent and credible military force is an inescapable requirement and forms part of its core strategic planning.

Industrial development and economic growth are not exponential all the time, but have bottlenecks and stagnation. Increased cost of labour, depleting raw material, competition from neighbouring countries and a quasi-stable security environment in the region put multiple challenges to the Chinese planners.

This necessitates dynamic redesigning of strategy, exploration and expansion of market (including sourcing of raw material), and, most importantly, building up a robust and credible Navy for its overseas operations and logistic lines. The doctrine on sea power professed by Alfred Thayer Mahan Read More

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