Chinese Rifle Confiscated From Pakistani Intruders

The Army has deemed the finding of an M-16 assault rifle built in China from the three militants killed on Thursday during an anti-infiltration operation along the Line of Control in Uri as “strange.”

The Pakistani militants killed in Uri’s Kamalkote neighbourhood while attempting to cross into Indian territory were found to be in possession of two AK-series guns, one Chinese M-16 rifle, and ammunition, according to the army. “Typically, the AK series and occasionally the M-4 rifles are retrieved. This M-16 is a 9-mm rifle made in China. This is an extraordinary recovery, said Major General Ajay Chandpuri, General Officer Commanding (GoC) of the Army’s 19 Infantry Division, to reporters in Baramulla, north Kashmir.

He added that it would be premature to determine whether this suggests a possible connection between the Chinese Army, terrorists, and the Pakistani Army. To make assumptions about the bigger context would be premature. Therefore, I believe we will need to carefully consider and delve into the facts,” he stated.

Maj Gen Chandpuri stated that according on several sources, “there were close to 100-120 terrorists trying to enter and present on 15-20 launchpads that are near to the LoC,” just across this sector of the LoC.

The presence of terrorists on the launchpads and their ongoing attempts to infiltrate continue, he continued, “so while the ceasefire accord is mostly holding good for the benefit of the people on both sides.

The GoC claimed that despite a strong anti-infiltration grid in place, Pakistan is desperate and frustrated and will continue to try to infiltrate terrorists and send in weapons and ammunition.

“The LoC is approximately 740 kilometres long, with very challenging terrain, and there have also been periods of bad weather. Therefore, despite the security, there are holes where they try to sneak in terrorists and stores that resemble war, he stated.

However, he claimed that technology and awareness are getting better every day. “The tranquillity in the hinterland also indicates that the infiltration has greatly decreased. Therefore, we believe that they are becoming increasingly frantic to force these people into the country. This one attempt, which was made in the morning, shows their exasperation and desperation.

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