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Complete the mission in 6 days, which military units did CSTO sent to Kazakhstan?

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Recently, there was a large-scale riot in Kazakhstan, at the request of President Tokayev, on January 6, CSTO sent a peacekeeping force, now the situation has stabilized, their mission has been completed, and started to withdraw.

According to Tokayev’s statement, from January 13, the phased withdrawal of CSTO peacekeepers will begin and will end within 10 days. The first collective peacekeeping mission was completed in 6 days, which military unit did CSTO send to Kazakhstan?

Quick response by CSTO
On January 5, Kazakhstan fell into a state of emergency and President Tokayev announced on the morning of January 6 that he had sought assistance from the CSTO to “overcome the threat of terrorism”.

Right on January 6, the Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) approved a resolution to send a collective peacekeeping force to Kazakhstan to quickly stabilize the situation. According to Russian media, this is the first time the CSTO has carried out a collective “peacekeeping operation”.

The CSTO is a military organization established by the concerned countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States of the CIS after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It was formerly known as the “Collective Security Treaty” and was changed to the “Collective Security Treaty Organization” (CSTO) in 2002.

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