Continued Construction Of Indian Ships In Russia: Indian Navy’s Vice Chief

Admiral SN Ghormade, vice chief of the Indian Navy, stated that building of Indian navy ships is still proceeding in Russia. This is significant given that the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has put doubt on Moscow’s ability to provide defence supplies. For the Indian Navy, two Talwar-class frigates are being constructed in Russia.

The Vice Chief of the Indian Navy responded to reporters by saying, “We have given the go-ahead, thus the building work is continuing. While in Russia, our staff is still at work. to ensure that the war between Russia and Ukraine has no bearing “.

A tight defence alliance exists between India and Russia, particularly between the two governments. The Russian and Indian defence ministers share leadership of the India-Russia Intergovernmental Commission on Military & Military-Technical Cooperation (IRIGC-M & MTC), which meets once a year. Its final gathering took place on December 6, 2021, in New Delhi.

In the meantime, Rosoboronexport, the principal Russian defence export-import organisation, has expressed its willingness to support India’s Make-in-India defence programme and take part in the upgrade of Su-30MKI fighter jets.

In a statement, Rosoboronexport stated that it was “willing to provide additional completely knocked down kits for the assembly of the Su-30MKI and carry out joint work on their modernization, including the integration of the latest air weapons, avionics, etc. within the framework of the Make in India programme.”

Russian engineers created the Su-30MKI fighters, which Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in India is currently manufacturing under licence. The Su-27 fighter prototype’s first flight, which launched the Sukhoi Experimental Design Bureau’s Su-27/Su-30 fighter jet family, took place 45 years ago this year.


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