Defence Ministry’s Cancellation Of Missile Deal With Israel May Put Pakistan In Advantageous Position

The Defence Ministry’s decision to cancel the $500 million Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) deal with Israel may put Pakistani soldiers in an advantageous position. The anti-tank missile system Pakistan uses has a strike range of 3-4 km whereas India’s second generation ATG missile system has a range of just 2 km.

It was reported on Monday that the Spike ATGM deal with Israel was cancelled as the government wanted to protect the indigenous missile-development programme run by DRDO. The price negotiation for the deal had been completed in 2016 and the Army was hoping to get the third generation ATGM system soon. However, the Defence Ministy’s bid to boost local weapons development may have deprived the force the modern killing machine for some time, as it could take 3-4 years for Indian developers to make the system fully operational.

Spike ATGM is a man-portable fire and forget missile that can hit moving targets. Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems– that had announced a joint venture with an Indian company in anticipation of the deal– manufactures Spike ATGMs.  Read More…

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