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Defense firm delivers first serial batch of latest grenade launchers to Russian troops

The first batch of the latest ‘Balkan’ 40mm anti-personnel grenade launchers was serial-produced, the state tech corporation Rostec told. As the Pribor Research and Production Association (part of the Technodinamika Group within Rostec) specified, the ‘Balkan’ grenade launcher that it has engineered is now undergoing expanded operational evaluation in the troops.

Following its results, a decision will be made on accepting the weapon for service and launching its large-scale serial production. The 6S19 ‘Balkan’ anti-personnel grenade launcher is the latest weapon in domestic grenade launching armaments. Its fire range has been extended by more than 25% and its firepower has been increased twofold compared to operational 30mm AGS-17 ‘Plamya’ and AGS-30 grenade launchers.

“The design documentation for the ‘Balkan’ system has been formalized and accepted by the Defense Ministry of Russia for serial production. The first serial batch has been produced,” the press office quoted Rostec Armament Cluster Industrial Director Bekkhan Ozdoyev as saying.

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