Defense Minister Gets To Know The IAF’s Ambitious Integrated Command And Control System

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh went to an important Indian Air Force (IAF) radar station on Monday. There, he saw how the Integrated Air Command & Control System works (IACCS).

In a statement, the IAF said, “The system (IACCS) is the backbone of the IAF’s move toward network-centricity and a key enabler in operations. The system’s features give its users a better understanding of the situation, which makes the IAF’s sensor-to-shooter loop shorter. The system is strong and has built-in redundancies that allow its assets to work together smoothly across the country.

During his visit, the Defence Minister saw how different operations in different parts of the country were linked together.

“These included the networked and coordinated operations of fighter, transport, and Remotely Piloted Aircraft,” the IAF said.

The IACCS is meant to bring together the IAF’s sensors on the ground and in the air so that a full picture of the air domain can be seen.

A source says that it can also send commands from an IACCS node in the north to a fighter that is flying in the south of India.

This is important now because, over time, the forces have learned how to attack even when they can’t be seen.

“Now, we need to protect not only the Vital Areas and Vital Points, but also the whole area. This is called “area defence,” and to do it, we need a clear picture of all the air assets. The IACCS tells us everything we need to know about the enemy and friendly aircraft in the air. This is called Recognised Air Picture (RAP),” he said.

He was also told about the details of Command and Control functions during peacetime. These include making sure that critical areas have air defence every day and during big events.

In his speech, the Minister of Defense thanked the air warriors for keeping the skies safe all year long.

The long-term goal is to connect all of these air and ground sensors used by the military and civilians. The source said that the country’s air space will be split into nodes and sun nodes.

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