DefExpo 2022: Tejas, Light Combat Aircraft, To Get The Lethal BrahMos Next-Generation Missile

The Next Generation missile system, known as BrahMos NG, is now in the design and development stage and could be delivered to the Indian Air Force by 2025. It will be installed on the Sukhoi-30MKI and Light Combat Aircraft Tejas fleets of fighter aircraft.

Group Captain MK Srivastava (Retd), GM (Air Version) of BrahMos Aerospace, stated the following to Asianet Newsable: “Since we are still in the design phase, we may adjust the range to get a range that is near to 300 km. It could vary by three kilometres here and there.”

“Our initial search is for land targets, and once we find those, we move on to the marine target. We anticipate that funding will be available as soon as we sign the deal. However, despite the money, we have already begun several procedures with our own funds in order to fulfil the deadline and develop the missile as soon as possible, he said, adding that after finishing the land-based targets, the sea target would only require 10 to 12 months.”

IAF assets to be equipped with BrahMos NG

The next-generation missile systems may be mounted on a variety of platforms due to its reduced weight, smaller size, and compact design.

“Currently, it is intended to be installed in Sukhoi-30MKI and LCA. We are examining these two platforms within the nation, “added said.

It should be mentioned that the infrastructure for the establishment of missile-making units is being built at the Lucknow node of the Uttar Pradesh Defense Corridor.

“Within two years, the infrastructure construction project will be finished, and manufacturing will then begin. By 2025, we would begin providing the IAF with the lethal weapon system “a different BrahMos Aerospace representative at DefExpo2022.

Export potential of BrahMos NG

The BrahMos NG missile system, according to Group Captain MK Srivastava (Retd), has a significant export potential.

“Due to its significantly lower weight compared to conventional missiles, it has a large export potential. As a result, it works with various platforms, and exporting is one of our key performance areas, according to Group Captain MK Srivastava (Retd). He continued, “We will start exporting it in the next 3–4 years.”

Furthermore, BrahMos NG will fit into the smaller, lighter, and more compact fighter jets that a number of nations are using, according to Srivastava.

The NG variant of the BrahMos missile system has attracted interest from a number of West Asian and African nations. BrahMos NG weighs 1.6 tonnes and measures 6 metres in length as opposed to the previous model’s 3 tonnes and 9 metres in length.

The missile has a 290 km range and a top speed of 3.5 Mach. In addition, the current version has a smaller radar cross-section than the older version. An AESA radar seeker constructed at home will be used by the BrahMos NG.

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