Fog Delays Over 100 Flights at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Hundreds of passengers were stranded at Indira Gandhi International Airport due to negatively affected flight operations on Thursday morning, with Delhi waking up to thick fog that delayed more than 100 departures.

According to airport officials, CAT III low visibility procedures were to be implemented around 6 a.m. because the view range of the runway recorded visibility up to 50 meters. 07:00. The delay affected nearly 100 fights, including those scheduled for the day. However, officials said none of the inbound flights should be diverted to another airport due to poor visibility in Delhi, officials told CNNNews 18.

“Visibility is only for an hour. remained up to 50 meters Runway closure was not requested as it did not decline further No flights were canceled in Delhi on Thursday due to fog The delay caused by poor visibility is expected normalize by the afternoon as visibility improves,” an official said.

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